We will be holding four events to address different aspects of this project:

  1. 2 November 2018 – ‘Decadence and Translation’, University of Oxford, convened by Stefano Evangelista in collaboration with the Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation network. A one-day international symposium exploring the resonance of translation for British Decadent writers during the fin-de-siècle.
  1. 12 February 2019 – ‘Publishing Decadence in Translation’, Senate House, (London), convened by Graham Henderson (Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation). A one-day roundtable event bringing together scholars, translators and publishers to discuss the practicalities and pitfalls of publishing Decadent texts in translation for a contemporary market.
  1. 13-14 June 2019 – ‘International Perspectives on Decadence in Translation’, Collège doctoral européen de Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg, convened by Guy Ducrey. A two-day international symposium at which scholars and translators will be able to discuss their work on Decadence and Translation.
  1. December 2019 – ‘Translating Decadence’, University of Glasgow, convened by Matthew Creasy. A one-day workshop dedicated to the technical and theoretical challenges associated with translating Decadent texts, including a graduate training session.

In addition to these scholarly discussions, the network will be hosting public events and a collaborative translation case study designed to engage the wider public in the issues raised by the network’s activities.

Keep an eye on this site and our Twitter feed for further information about readings and performances.

Image Credit: Aubrey Beardsley, illustration to Oscar Wilde, Salome (1912) -@ University of Glasgow Library 2018