Glasgow, 13 December 2019

Our final network event will take place at the University of Glasgow on Friday 13 December 2019. The current programme for this event is listed below. Places at this event are limited: If you would like to attend this event, please contact the network via email by 1 December 2019:

Decadence and Translation

9.30: Welcome.
10am: Session 1.
Chair: Stefano Evangelista (Oxford)
Venue: Room 101, 5 University Gardens

  • Lara Raffaelli, ‘D’Annunzio in Translation’
  • Caroline Crépiat and Benedicte Coste (Burgundy), ‘Ubiquitous translations in French periodicals of the fin de siècle’

11am Postgraduate Papers Panel A
Chair: Jane Desmarais (Goldsmiths)
Venue: Room 101, 5 University Gardens

  • Katharina Herold (Oxford), ‘De-Orientalising pomegranates: Wilde in Arabic translations’
  • Adam Wilson (Glasgow), ‘Russian Decadence’
  • Ekaterina Shatalova (Oxford)  ‘Russian Translations of Salome’

12:30 pm – Lunch

1:30pm – Postgraduate Papers Panel B
Chair: Richard Hibbitt (University of Leeds)
Venue: Room 205, 5 University Gardens

  • Colton Valentine (Yale), ‘En Route to the Victorians: The Translation Histories of Two Novels by Joris-Karl Huysmans’
  • Eleanor Keane, (Goldsmiths) ‘Princesses of Glass and Silence: Renée Vivien’s (Re)translation of the Fairytale’
  • Anne Rainey, ‘Carson as bricoleur? Examining the technical challenges addressed by Irish poet Ciaran Carson, in translation of Rimbaud.’

3 pm – Translation workshop sessions

  • Translating Huysmans – Brendan King (Independent Scholar)
    Venue: Room 202, 4 University Gardens
  • Translating Rachilde – Jennifer Higgins (Independent Translator)
    Venue: Room 205, 5 University Gardens
  • Translating D’Annunzio – Elisa Segnini (University of Glasgow)
    Venue: Room 101, 5 University Gardens

4.30 pm – Postal Pursuits
Venue: Glasgow Library Special Collections
Chair: John Coyle (University of Glasgow)

  • Mallarmé and the Postman – Philip Terry (University of Essex)
  • Launch of Récréations postales: A Digital Exhibition – Matthew Creasy (University of Glasgow)

5.30pm Close