Strasbourg, 12-14 June 2019

International Perspectives on Decadence in Translation

On 12-14 June 2019 we held a two-day international symposium at the Collège doctoral européen de Strasbourg, convened by Guy Ducrey

The aim of this event is to bring together scholars and translators from across Britain and Europe to discuss current research on Decadence and Translation. Across four sessions, speakers addressed topics across different disciplines, languages and forms:

  1. Littérature, art plastique, traduction – chaired by Stefano-Maria Evangelista (University of Oxford)
  • Sophie Basch (Sorbonne Université) – Remy de Gourmont et le problème du «modern style»
  • Cyril Barde (Université Paris 8) – L’Art Nouveau : langue étrangère ou esperanto décoratif?
  • Clément Dessy (University of Warwick) – Félix Fénéon, traducteur de l’ombre

2. Symbolisme, décadence: frontières et traductions – chaired by Yves-Michel Ergal (University of Strasbourg)

  • Richard Hibbit (University of Leeds) – Translating Verlaine’s prose : Histoires comme ça and Gosses
  • Amélia Costa da Silva (Université de Strasbourg) – Symbolism-Decadence, translating an aesthetic between France and Portugal
  • Michael Shaw (University of Stirling) – William Sharp’s translations of Maeterlinck
  • Tatiana Victoroff (Université de Strasbourg) – La traduction comme expérience : la poésie de la Décadence en Russie (F. Sologoub, R. Balmont, V. Brussov, A. Blok)

3. Diffuser la Décadence – chaired by Graham Henderson (Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation)

  • Bertrand Marquer (Université de Strasbourg) – L’Esprit et les Lettres : usages médicaux de la traduction (Lombroso, Nordau)
  • Fraser Riddell (Trinity College, Oxford) – Translating Obscenity : Teleny and the Pornographic Book Trade
  • Matthew Creasy (University of Glasgow) – Confessions of a Young Man : Translating Moore / Moore in Translation
  • Guy Ducrey (Université de Strasbourg) –  Is there such thing as a decadent translator ? The case of Georges Hérelle, translator of D’Annunzio in French.

4. Passages des frontières, passage des arts – chaired by Matthew Creasy (University of Glasgow)

  • Jane Desmarais (Goldsmiths, University of London) : The Contribution of women composers to international decadent song literature : introducing Adela Maddison
  • Jessica Wilker (Université Charles-de-Gaulle, Lille 3) : Traduire Mallarmé en allemand – ou traduire ! le silence aux après-midi de musique
  • Guri Ellen Barstad (Østfold University College – Høgskolen i Østfold) : European Decadence in Norway and Scandinavia / Translation and/or Cultural Transmission

This event was co-sponsored by the in the University of Strasbourg, to whom we are very grateful.