Récreations postales – MS Whistler M204 003


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  1. Under warm Macfarlane coat, huddled shroud,
    This ticket, which when you acquire –
    Six Cour Saint-Francois – pray read aloud
    Rue? Is it Moreau, dear Verlaine, I enquire.

    – Submitted to translation competition by Clare Tierney (Oxford)

  2. My dear Verlaine, you do retain,
    A little note, tucked in your coat,
    In warmth enshroud, do read it aloud:

    6 Saint-François Court,
    The street… Moreau?
    Or so I thought.

    – Submitted to the translation competition by Katharine Lovatt (St Andrews)

  3. Shrouded under your warm cape,
    This note, upon receiving it,
    Pray, dear Verlaine, read it aloud,
    Be it 6 St François Court or Rue Moreau.

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