Récreations postales – MS Whistler M205 001


3 Replies to “Récreations postales – MS Whistler M205 001”

  1. At Mr and Mrs Whistler’s place
    Rue Antique du Bac one-ten
    Their laughter will ring out again
    If you turn up and show your face.

  2. That same-pitched laugh heard by all,
    Vibrations sonorous once and again,
    At the Whistler’s abode of Madame and Monsieur:
    The antique Rue Bac, number ‘hundred and ten.

    – Submitted to the translation competition by Clare Tierney (Oxford)

  3. Our laughter is bated,
    We lack only you,
    Our set will be fêted,
    If choose us you do.

    The street is Old Ferry,
    The number one ten,
    The Whistlers await you,
    Make haste, and attend!

    – Submitted to the translation competition by Katharine Lovatt (St Andrews)

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