Récreations postales – MS Whistler M205 002


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  1. When amaranthine Dawn shall rise
    above the Bois, transport this tome
    to Madame Manet’s waiting eyes
    at forty, Rue Villejust, her home.
    – James Baty (Oxford)

    Winner of the Translation Competition

  2. Carry this book when on the park’s lush lawn
    You see the eternal Dawn being born
    At the house of Manet, Mrs. Eugene
    at distant Rue Villejust, number 40.

    -Submitted to the Translation Competition by Charlotte Ring (Oxford)

  3. Bring this book when light of day
    Breaks purple upon the wood
    To Madame Eugene Manet
    Whose far house at forty Villejust stood

    – Submitted to the Translation Competition by Mark Evans (Bristol) and placed in the top four.

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