Récreations postales – MS Whistler M205 005


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  1. Monsieur Monet, of him I say
    Winter and summer alike
    Are revealed by his sight
    His house is at Giverny, not far away
    From Vernon, which is somewhere in Normandy

  2. Dear Monet, through all seasons all year round
    Winter, summer, his vision does endure
    He bides his time painting, he can be found
    Giverny, near to Vernon, in the Eure
    – Submitted to the translation competition by Charlotte Ring (Oxford)

  3. Monsieur Monet, neither winter
    Nor summer his vision deceive
    Settled near to Vernon, in Eure
    In Giverny, painting, doth live
    – Submitted to the translation competition by Rebecca Griffiths (Exeter)

  4. Monsieur Monet, whose vision taints
    With neither spring nor winter’s throng,
    In Giverny he lives and paints,
    Along the Eure from Vernon.

    – Submitted to the translation competition and placed in the top four by Owen Atkinson (Bristol)

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